Witney Grain Ltd is an independent Grain Trading Specialist.

For more than 20 years we have built up a solid and widely recognised reputation for providing

tailored grain marketing solutions enhanced by the dedicated and personalised service that

we bring to our agricultural customers and suppliers across the UK.

99% of our staff placements are successful


Each candidate interviewed by experienced consultant


Full background checks for all candidates


10 week guarantee period


Witney Grain is an independent grain trading specialist and has been trading grain for over 20 years.


We pride ourselves on providing up-to-date and efficient marketing solutions and building long term relationships with our farmer suppliers, providing a strong link between them and the global market place whilst offering bespoke grain contracts including a range of option contracts and Grain Pools.

Grain Pools

Pool marketing is a strategy for the risk-averse, an averaging exercise where you forego the very best of the market in favour of protection from the worst. This is particularly pertinent when prices threaten or even go below the cost of production. A common strategy is to use pools alongside other routes to market to avoid ‘having all your eggs in one basket’ and allow you to make the most of any temporary peaks in the market.


The New Year saw yet another finish to our autumn pools that proved to be very successful. Our results so far have been very promising, beating many of our competitors and returning one of the best pool prices available to our customers and look to continue that form going into the next season. Our grain pools are now open with details shown below.


Wheat, Barley and OSR

All Grain must be Farm Assured



August / September                            Payment 31st October

October / November / December       Payment 31st January

January / February / March                 Payment 30th April


There are no minimum quantities, but commitments must be multiples of 29 tonnes. Growers who wish to contract smaller load sizes may do so with charges to their own account.



Pools are open from:   1st January

Closing dates:             31st March


Grain Testing

Witney Grain has a fully equipped grain laboratory with calibrated testing equipment and staff trained specifically for testing your grain. We will even come and sample it for you by arrangement.

For our farmer suppliers we provide this as an added service largely free of charge*.

This value added service enables us to accurately determine the best market for your crop whilst obtaining the best price for you.



*Don and Germination test charges may apply.

We are able to test for the following:

–  Moisture

–  Bushel Weight
–  Protein
–  Nitrogen
–  Hagberg
–  Admix
–  Screenings
–  Oil Content (OSR) - indicative only
–  Germination
–  DON

as well as screening for Ergot and insects infestation

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Grain Testing


Witney Grain provides a wide range of arable and grass seed including: cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fodder crops grass ley mixtures and many more. We ensure that the seed is top quality and that it has been processed to the highest standards.

Cover Crops

With the introduction of Ecological Focus Area’s an option is to use green cover and catch crops mixtures. If you think you might be using cover crops then Witney Grain is supplying seed, with complying mixtures.


A wide variety of dressings and treatments are available on all arable seeds including micro and macro nutrients, as well as the popular choices of Kinto, Redigo pro, Deter and many more.


Delivery is flexible and can suit your needs.


Our Autumn and Winter seeds are now available to order with a no obligation quote available at any time.

For further information about seeds, HGCA lists, availability and prices please contact Amanda:

/ 01380 732602


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Fertiliser - Efficiently Supplying Quality Products

In 2009 Witney Grain entered the fertiliser market in order to meet the needs of our customers. Now in 2015 we have established key partnerships with a selection of the UK’s most respected suppliers who provide us and our customers with the assurance of meeting all nutrient requirements in the most efficient way.


We have very competitive prices for all grades of fertiliser, without compromising on quality. We work hard to build close relationships with our suppliers in order to obtain the best possible prices for our customers and as a result we will almost certainly make financial and practical sense as your preferred supplier.


We pride ourselves that all staff have an extensive background in agricultural trading and we use this experience to provide a valuable insight into the developing market and future needs. We believe that it is time for soil fertility to be managed in a more sustainable manner, as a result we aim to provide products with accurate spreading patterns as well as being able to provide Nitrogen products with inhibitor coatings to limit leaching in order to increase efficiency.

As well as offering all standard blended grades, we are also able to blend specific grades on an individual basis with the addition of micronutrients if required. Witney Grain is able to provide flexible delivery on all products to all areas of the UK.



Considered Liquid?

Witney Grain have successful partnerships with some of the UK’s most respected liquid fertiliser suppliers and as a result there are quality products at great prices available now. Witney Grain can also help source tanks for those considering a switch to liquids. 


Did you know we supply Lime too?

You can now order all your nutritional inputs at Witney Grain, with the addition of Lime to our product list. Our products are designed to target and maintain soil pH values and add vital nutrients at the same time. Another benefit is approval by the Soil Association to be used on organic farms. We have plenty of information and data to discuss at any time, so if there are any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Soil Sampling

To further boost nutrient efficiency Witney Grain now supplies soil sampling across the UK, showing pH, P, K & Mg with trace elements also available.

For further information on our ranges and grades of fertiliser or discuss soil sampling please contact:

/ 01380 732602

Government Guidelines for Secure Fertilisers

Witney Grain's Fertiliser Options

Take advantage of Witney Grain's "Fertiliser Options" for

a great deal on KAN 46% Fertiliser. KAN is a Urea fertiliser with an AGROTAIN inhibitor coating to prevent volatilisation thus producing impressive yields with reduced storage requirement at a better value than Ammonium Nitrate. 


Fibrophos is a P & K Fertiliser of organic origin containing mainly Phosphate and Potash. The added benefits of Fibrophos include Micro & Macronutrients such as Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium that are present as well as a range of important trace elements.


Fibrophos is derived from the incineration of predominantly deep litter poultry manure. The result of which is an ash that contains all the plants required nutrients except nitrogen. P-Grow is a Phosphate rich fertiliser derived from burnt Bone meal.


There are Fibrophos or P-Grow alternatives for most P, K fertilisers:

0-12-12  ·  0-14-14  ·  0-20-0  ·  0-9-18  ·  0-14-21  ·  0-5-20  ·  0-20-10  ·  0-18-9

Using average application rates Fibrophos 0-12-12 can be delivered and spread at a saving of £14.00 per hectare over Blended 0-24-24.


P-Grow 0-23-0 can be delivered and spread at a massive saving of £21.00 per hectare when compared to using Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) both these products can drastically reduce your fertiliser costs.


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We only sell high quality aggregates but always at competitive market rates, including the following:
Scalpings – 40mm / Type 1
Clean Stone – 10/60mm
Oolitic Stone – Perfect for cattle tracks as this is a softer, circular stone that can be rolled down to form a smooth surface
Path Gravel – Cerney/Romsey/Cotswold available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements
Sand – Sharp and building
Animal Bedding – Sand & Woodchips

For further information or to get a quote please contact:

/ 01380 725555


Grain Sampling

Grain Sampling

Combinable Crops Passport

Combinable Crops Passport