WG Bulk Logistics continues to be widely regarded as one of the leading

distribution and transport specialists for bulk and palletised goods in the West.

WG Bulk Logistics is a privately owned and personally run bulk haulage company with over five years experience in this specialised area.


The company is based in Devizes, in the heart of Wiltshire’s arable farming community, and has become a leading provider of bulk haulage solutions for customers across the region.


As a business extension of independent grain traders Witney Grain, WG Bulk Logistics is part of their efficient supply chain process.

We currently work with a fleet of bulk tippers and a dedicated hand picked team of experienced and reliable drivers. Our dedicated logistics management team deliver exceptional customer service and timely information and advice.


We are GTAS and FIAS approved and can haul an extensive range of bulk and palletised commodities including grain, finished animal feed, aggregates and fertiliser across the UK.

For further information please contact:

/ 01380 725555


Grain Sampling

Grain Sampling

Combinable Crops Passport

Combinable Crops Passport